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Building on my administrative experience. Building superior architecture. Further improving programming skills.
Making the most of projects through scrum techniques. Coordinating devops collaboration and implementation.


Interpersonal skills; Considerable experience in technical speech, broad experience as team leader, designing work flow, supervisory duties, training, creating documentation(including runbooks), diagnosing problems through user interaction, experienced writer, knowledgeable in science, economics, bitcoin, and blockchain technologies
Linux systems; All systems, with a focus on RHEL, Fedora core, and Debian based systems, Including RHEL7
Unix systems; OS X server, client, Solaris, FreeBSD
IAAS/virtualization; VMWare,KVM,AWS,Server Pronto
Networking; DHCP, System firewall, scanning, SNMP, Ethernet, wireless, NAT, routing, etherchannel, fiber, D3, Cisco products, etc...
Unix/Linux services; RHEL Satellite server(entitlement and patching), git(revision control), gitlab(localized github), DNS (name services), bind (DNS server), routed (routing), Nagios (network monitoring), NDOUtils (Nagios and mysql), NRPE (Nagios component), fail2ban (dynamic firewall blacklisting), Wordpress(blog software), mon (network monitoring), Apache, systemd(Linux process management), launchd(OSX process management), upstart (launchd like) Tina (Atempo backups), Backup Exec (Veritas backups), TSM (Tivoli backups), Samba (workgroup and domain), sshd (encrypted telnet), Wuftpd and Ncftpd (FTP servers), NFS (Network File System), Sendmail (mail transport agent), Mailman (mailing list manager), SquirrelMail (webmail client), Courier (mail delivery agent), Postfix (mail transport agent), Procmail (mail filtering), Mysql (SQL server), NTP, NIS, NIS+, lpd and CUPS (printing), syslogd (logging/remote logging), Linux LVM, slapd (LDAP), Hylafax (fax bridging), Linux RAID, ipaudit (connection based traffic monitoring), SSL (Secure Socket Layer), Package management (rpm, dpkg, pkg, apt, yum, RHN), Wordpress(blog and site management software), Docker(virtual containers), Ansible (systems management), Kickstart (auto boot install), LaTeX (markup language), DSCL(ldap registry for OSX computers), xinetd(port management), etc...
Windows; Willing to work with Windows, general knowledge about AD, user management, Exchange.
Hardware; SCSI, SATA arrays, SMART, SAN, Extensive knowledge of PC repair, IBM bladecenters, HP iLO
Programming/Code; Borne shell, Python, C, CSV, JSON, YAML, Git, Ruby, HTML, CSS, PERL, C++

3/08-present The Rockefeller University;
Information Technology, 1230 York Avenue, New York, NY 10065
Duties include: System Administrator; User and key management, maintenance of scripting for centralized server management, Linux server administration, OSX server administration, monitoring, patch management and remediation, monitoring NAS/rsync system, satellite server, gitlab, outlier solutions
Prepared, rolled out and administered first campus wide Linux patch strategy.
Designed and programmed, implemented, system to manage (deploy, track and revoke) ssh keys campus wide.
Designed and programmed, implemented, system to presort Remedy server metadata in scriptable categories for use in automation.
Designed and programmed automated campus patch scheduling with over 30 required criteria.
Designed and programmed custom, fully compartmentalized, idempotent, host rollout and management system. Standardizing host deployment and maintenance strategies.
Streamlined, expanded and rolled out nagios monitoring software.
Setup automated rollout of Linux system ldap integration with campus idm services.
Created and taught in house Linux literacy curriculum.
Designed and implemented cross lab Apple X-Grid cluster.
Set up and maintained Linux compute clusters.
About Rockefeller University: Rockefeller University is a world class genetics research institution with 500 diverse servers including hundreds of Linux servers. They have a large variety of technical needs.

5/07-3/08 Shopwiki Corp;
Shopwiki Corp, 40 W 20th St., 6th Floor New York, NY 10011
Duties include: System Administrator; software installation scripting, configure system monitoring, software maintenance, hardware maintenance
Designed and implemented system to generate dynamic Nagios configuration based on wiki data; Written in BASH and Ruby.
Designed and wrote scheduled backup system using wiki variables and encrypted connections; Written in BASH.
Created script to generate dynamic computer use based email notifications from wiki data; Written in BASH.
About Shopwiki: is a competitive shopping search engine with 130 Linux and OS X servers housed in collocation facilities. I am their first system administrator.

1/03-5/07 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Information Technology Department;
Information Technology CSHL, 1 Bungtown Rd, Cold Spring Harbor NY, 11724
Duties include: System Administrator Manager; Backup Administrator; System Administrator; managing personnel and duties of server group, administering all backup systems, administering monitoring and beeper alert systems, Linux and Unix system administrator duties
7/06-System Administration Manager
2/06-Server Group Team Leader
7/05-Supervisor, Tape Operator; Designing workflow for and supervising tape operator, Architect unified tape system (IBM 3584, Tivoli Storage Manager)
1/04-System Administrator; Initial setup and population of server class information directory, architecture and configuration of Nagios monitoring system, reorganizing and administering backup exec 8.6 one year past supportable lifespan
1/03-Jr System Administrator; Reserve admin for Windows, Linux, and Solaris Servers, performing all changes to DNS, DHCP, and user logins, administering Time Navigator
About CSHL ITD: CSHL ITD is responsible for 850 pieces of server class equipment including 200 custom servers, 4 computational clusters, across 3 partially redundant locations connected with dark fiber

4/01-12/02 Siemens Business Services at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Scientific Computing;
Information Technology Division, Building 515, Upton NY 11973-5000
Duties include: Site wide administration and support for Linux and Solaris servers including campus web, email, ftp and print servers, Linux workstation maintenance and support, security configuration, department Redhat and Debian Linux expert, after hours support, and customer service
About Shared Services and Scientific Computing: Shared Services is responsible for over 1000 Linux and Unix servers and workstations, from standard Red Hat Linux workstations to clusters and embedded control systems

9/00-8/02 SUNY Farmingdale, Continuing Education;
Continuing Education, Lupton Hall, SUNY Farmingdale, Route 110
Duties include: Teaching and designing curriculum for Intro to Secure Linux Administration, and teaching and designing curriculum for Intro to UNIX
About Continuing Education: Continuing education provides accessible expert training in many subjects from AS400 to Cisco certifications

6/00-2/01 Taos Mountain Inc, New York Office;
405 Lexington Avenue, 63rd Floor, New York NY 10174
Duties include: Consulting in the areas of Network and System Administration, deployed a php front end for DNS and upgraded live DNS server cross platform to bind version 8, maintained in a Mysql database, assisted with configuration of Cisco switches, routers, and vlans
About Taos: Taos Mountain provides premium consultants for a variety of administration positions

2/99-present President and founder of LILUG (NYS 402, Federal 501c3 not-for-profit), the Long Island Linux Users Group
About LILUG: LILUG has over 350 members online with between 35 and 50 attending monthly meetings, in addition it also hosts the LILUG Security and Infrastructure Special Interest Group
12/07 Authored and edited Thicker Than Blood
About Thicker Than Blood: The worlds first community edited science fiction novel. Free to download, at least 100,000 copies have been downloaded and 10,000 to 20,000 readers.
9/96-5/99 SUNY Farmingdale
Received A.S. in Computer Science in fall of 1999
Cisco Academy CCNA Curriculum
Cambridge Healthtech Institute - Cloud Computing Training: AWS
GlobalKnowledge - System Operations on AWS
GlobalKnowledge - AWS Technical Essentials
To work toward my bachelor's degree in computer science, and a doctorate in philosophy.

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